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Capturing a Milestone Event for Raiffeisen Bank

Over the last 20 years, Raiffeisen Bank has seen incredible growth, doubling its membership to over two million cooperative members today. To celebrate this milestone, Heinz Huber, the CEO of Raiffeisen Bank, personally handed over CHF 10,000 in start-up capital to three new members. We at Wasinger Media House (WMH) had the honor of capturing this extraordinary moment.

Three individuals joyfully present a Raiffeisen prize, holding a sign. Two men and one woman share laughter. Heinz Huber CEO Raiffeisen

Two Days, Three Locations, Two Teams - Facing a Tight Schedule

With the packed schedule of Heinz Huber, CEO of the Raiffeisen Bank, the event posed a unique logistical challenge. Spanning two days and three diverse locations in French-speaking Switzerland, Ticino, and German-speaking Switzerland, time was of the essence. Given the CEO's tight schedule, it was crucial to deploy a second fully-equipped team to the second location. A single team would have been unable to manage the technical setup and teardown within the constrained time frame, let alone ensure high-quality production.

Why WMH Was Ready to the Challenge

Thanks to our experienced team and our own state-of-the-art equipment, we were ideally prepared for this time-sensitive and logistically complex event. The number of staff and their expertise allowed us to operate concurrently across multiple locations without compromising on quality.

Spotlight on the New Members and the Event

Heinz Huber and Raiffeisen Bank's executive team took center stage during this special event, particularly during the presentation of the start-up capital to the new members. We accompanied the executive team on this momentous journey, capturing it all through high-quality video and photography. Additionally, our seasoned professionals conducted interviews with Heinz Huber and the fortunate new members.

Heinz Huber, Raiffeisen Schweiz CEO, shares a laugh while chatting with the winner.

Journalists On-site and Multilingual Production

It's worth noting that journalists were present at each of the events, underlining the significance of the occasion. Furthermore, the films were produced in multiple languages, something our versatile team had no trouble accommodating.

Comprehensive Media Production

WMH offers a one-stop solution: from video production to photography to livestreaming. We created an impactful video, captured event photographs, and took portraits of the winners and the executive team.


This collaboration with Raiffeisen Bank highlights the flexibility and professionalism that we can bring to every project. We are proud to have been a part of this historic moment and look forward to future collaborations.