Global Event, Local Talent: Swiss Precision in Lisbon

Unlock the Essentials

WMH Accompanies Adecco Group at the Global Leader Summit in Lisbon:

A Partnership in Excellence

The Global Leader Summit is an annual cornerstone event of the Adecco Group, catering her companies specializing in staffing solutions and career development. This year, Wasinger Media House (WMH) had the unique opportunity to provide comprehensive photography and audiovisual support for the occasion.

CEO Denis Machuel of The Adecco Group delivers a speech to a large audience, with a massive LED wall in the background

Our Versatile On-Site Team

Our mission was to document the multitude of simultaneous activities at the Global Leader Summit in Lisbon through high-quality event photography. A team of three skilled photographers and a photo editor were on-site to capture key moments, delivering the shots on the same day.

Partnership with the Adecco Group

It's crucial to note that the Adecco Group comprises several noteworthy subsidiaries, including Akkodis, LHH, and Adecco itself. The summit served not only as a gathering for the industry's best minds but specifically convened the top talent within the Adecco Group to share their expertise and vision.

A young, beautiful woman folds her hands in prayer at an awards ceremony, with a backdrop of many people in formal attire and elegantly set round tables

Swiss Parallel Projects for the Lisbon Event

While the main event unfolded in Lisbon, a specialized four-member WMH team was at work in Switzerland. They were focused on creating and editing a large array of award videos, specifically tailored for the same Lisbon event. These films highlighted their best projects of the year and were showcased during the Lisbon-based award ceremony. Additionally, numerous animations were produced to complement the themes of these videos.

A group photo in front of the famous yellow tram in Lisbon, everyone smiles

More Than Just the Main Agenda

Beyond the main stage, our team also captured a wide range of side events, which even led us to palaces. These excursions allowed us to document the diversity and grandeur of the entire event.

Long-Term Collaboration

We take pride in our long-standing relationship with the Adecco Group and are grateful for the exciting and rewarding partnership we have maintained over the years and look forward to sustaining for many more years to come.