Dynamic Livestreams

Unlock the Essentials

Bringing ODLO's Vibrancy to the Digital Stage Through Our Lens

At Wasinger Media House, we take pride in translating ODLO's spirit of sport and outdoor adventure into an interactive digital showcase that is as vibrant and innovative as the brand itself. Through our collaboration on their sales meetings, we have crafted experiences that reflect ODLO's innovative essence and spotlight their latest apparel lines with meticulous planning and detailed staging.


Our Collaborative Expertise and Pre-Production Mastery

Our dedicated team of producers, directors, camera operators, and editors works closely with ODLO to create visuals that do justice to their latest collections. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and equipment, we ensure that every production is a masterpiece of quality and content, characterized by a deep understanding of the brand and audience needs.

Engaging Live Streaming and Interactive Experience

Our live streams provide more than just a platform to display products; they offer real-time interaction with the audience through chat tools and Q&A sessions. This interactive component creates a welcoming environment for exchange and deepens customer engagement, showcasing our ability to craft digital experiences that connect brands and people.

Exclusive Insights: Making-Of Videos and Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Beyond live stream production, we provide exclusive insights into the creative process with our making-of videos and behind-the-scenes photos. These valuable assets reveal the intricate work behind each production and enhance the emotional connection to the ODLO brand, capturing and sharing the passion and commitment poured into every detail.

Efficiency and Sustainability: Dual-Purpose Content

The footage we create serves a dual purpose, gracing both the live stream and ODLO's online storefront. This efficient and resource-conserving workflow exemplifies our commitment to sustainability and efficiency, maximizing the utility of the content produced and contributing to cost-efficiency.

A Trusted Partnership Built on Quality

Our longstanding and trusting collaboration with ODLO extends beyond professional services. It is reflected in our choice of workwear as well; WMH proudly wears ODLO, underscoring our shared dedication to quality and trust.

Final Thoughts: More Than Just Live Streaming

Wasinger Media House is more than just a name in live streaming. We are storytellers, technologists, and brand ambassadors dedicated to forging connections and broadcasting ODLO's narrative to the world, one frame at a time. Each project is a new opportunity to share the fascination of ODLO's world and continue to narrate the brand's story.