Digital Transformation in Action: Virtual Broker Conference

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Pioneering Digital Broker Conferences:

How Vaudoise Assurances Partners with Wasinger Media House

In the insurance industry, adaptation and innovation are key. Since 2021, Vaudoise Assurances has taken a significant leap towards digital transformation by hosting their annual broker conferences in a virtual setting. But what's behind this shift, and how has Wasinger Media House contributed to its success?

Two executives from Vaudoise Insurance at a podium, surrounded by green and white cubes

Scope and Language Diversity of the Webinars

The webinars were conducted over a span of three days, featuring three webinars each day in German, French, and Italian, totaling nine high-quality sessions. These multilingual webinars not only covered a wide range of topics but also attracted a diverse audience of brokers.

Time and Cost Savings for Brokers

Opting for digital broker conferences has brought multiple benefits, not least of which is the saving of both time and travel expenses for brokers. This digital pivot has seen a considerable increase in participant numbers compared to traditional live events in previous years.

Technical Expertise by Wasinger Media House

Choosing Wasinger Media House as the professional live streaming agency has been a key factor in the seamless execution of the webinars. With extensive experience in webinars and digital events, we played a pivotal role in the technical aspects, significantly easing the workload for Vaudoise Assurances. This enabled the Vaudoise Assurances team to focus entirely on the organization and coordination of speakers.

Media Training as a Quality Guarantee

An added bonus was the media training conducted by Wasinger Media House ahead of the webinars. This offered speakers a chance to refine their presentation skills, ensuring that each webinar was both professional and engaging.

The Future is Digital

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from brokers and internal teams alike has convinced Vaudoise Assurances that digital and hybrid events are the future of corporate communication and networking in their organization.

Looking Forward to the Next Conference

As experts in video, photography, and live streaming, we at Wasinger Media House are proud to be part of this groundbreaking series. We're already looking forward to the next conference and are excited to see what further opportunities will arise from the continued advancement of digital technology.