Co-Leading the Future: Innovative Leadership Model

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An Innovative Leadership Concept:

Canon Switzerland and the Co-Lead Model in Marketing and Corporate Communications

In an era where the business landscape is becoming increasingly complex, leadership demands greater flexibility, innovation, and courage. Canon Switzerland stands as a prime example of how modern leadership concepts can be implemented. Together with our video production team and agency, Canon Switzerland has created an employer branding video and corporate photos to provide deeper insight into the Co-Lead model.

Two members of the Canon Switzerland leadership, Ralph Schmid and Nadja Mauchle, smiling and leaning against a red wall in the office

The Vision – One Leadership Position, Two Leaders

Ralph and Nadja have been living the Co-Lead model within Canon's Marketing and Corporate Communications department for almost a year. As equal leaders, they share a seat on the executive board. In the employer branding video, they discuss their challenges, insights, and showcase a model that's rarely practiced but hopefully will gain more recognition in the future.

Challenges of Shared Leadership Responsibility

Implementing shared leadership responsibility is no easy feat. It requires coordination, trust, and a shared vision. Ralph and Nadja demonstrate in the video how they overcome these challenges and how they utilize the advantages of the Co-Lead model for Canon.

Our Role as a Production Company and Agency:

Hand-in-Hand with Canon Switzerland

As a video production company and agency, we had the privilege of working closely with Canon Switzerland to introduce this innovative leadership concept to the public. Our support went beyond merely filming a video and taking corporate photos.

Here's how we assisted Canon:

  • Concept Development: Together with Canon's team, we analyzed the core idea behind the Co-Lead model and found a creative way to visualize it. The challenge was to capture the essence of the model in a way that was both engaging and informative.
  • Capturing Emotions: We wanted the video to convey more than information. It needed to transport emotions and convey the strength, freshness, and modernity of the Co-Lead model. Our creative direction and production ensured these messages were vivid in the video.
  • Provocation with Purpose: The Co-Lead model is provocative as it challenges the traditional leadership structure. We infused this element into our production to encourage viewers to think about the possibilities and potentials of the model.
  • Quality and Professionalism: Our experience in video production and photography ensured that the corporate photos and video reflected the high quality and professionalism that Canon represents.

Our collaboration with Canon Switzerland was more than just a project; it was a partnership with a shared goal: to present a modern and innovative company and inspire other businesses to be courageous. It has been a pleasure to be part of this exciting endeavor, and we are proud of what we have achieved together.


Canon Switzerland and the Co-Lead model are more than just an innovative concept. They represent a future where businesses are more flexible, brave, and humane. With the employer branding video and corporate photos, Canon has not only underlined its position as an innovative industry leader but also shown other businesses a path towards the future of leadership.

Let this bold vision inspire you, and discover the Co-Lead model in action.