Why you should outsource your post production and how it works.

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You're a company and you produce video content in-house. Like interviews, stories, LinkedIn video content, educational videos, etc. But sometimes you wish you could just outsource the post production process to speed-up the process, handle your workload and reach your audience even faster.

You already have video content, but you need short versions or different formats for your social media channels? We do cut-downs and re-sizing for every channel and all platforms - in no time. We know all the trends and what modern videos should look like. For CEO-Talks, corporate content or for a much younger target group on TikTok.

We can bring your video to the next level with lower-thirds and an exciting intro/outro animation. To give your production the final touch give it a unique look with Color Grading to make the colors pop. This is for your eyes, for your ears we have something special: we will do a dynamic sound design to bring the visible alive.

There are 6 reasons to outsource your post production:
1. We solve your problems by reducing your workload
2. Make your production faster and more efficient
3. We are your backup when your colleagues are on vacation or calling in sick
4. We relieve the pressure when you have too many projects and tight deadlines
5. You need special skills you don’t have in-house
6. You just want to discover new styles and be state-of-the-art

We work with you on single projects or volume based.
It’s always good to have a reliable local partner who understands you, your company and your needs and can handle small to big projects in high-quality standards in very short time.

We’re a team of 9 video professionals with a fully equipped studio in Zurich. Just call or drop us a line if you need some additional hands on deck!


Get the most out of your footage! Put your material into the experienced hands of our editors. Together we take care of the editing of your project. Our studio offers space and time for creative and efficient work. We accompany you through the whole process up to the delivery.

Color Grading

Give your images an individual look, unit and professionalism. Our colorists combine creativity with technical perfection. Surrounded by the right software and hardware and on correctly calibrated monitors that guarantee maximum color fidelity.


Animation combines disciplines such as illustration, video, audio, storytelling, typography, graphic design and much more. As the field of animation continues to grow and change, we are proud to offer our customers the latest in animation technology and services. Whether you are looking for a traditional hand-drawn animation or something more cutting-edge, we can help you bring your vision to life.

Motion Graphics

Don't let your ideas remain mere imagination! We create visualizations and animations with skill. From motion graphics, typo animations up to classic cartoons. We'll work with you to make sure that your original idea is communicated in the best way possible, engaging your viewers and conveying the message you want to deliver.

Visual Effects (VFX)

When the limits of the real film are to be blown up, our Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is used. Visual effects can bring the story of your video to the point and make the impossible possible. In compositing, we combine different content (real/CGI/3D) into one image and pay the utmost attention to every pixel. Our artists attach great importance to a convincing and real-looking result.

Sound Design (SFX)

The right sound makes the difference. Emotions decide how your video production is received by the target group. To achieve this, we focus on four areas in acoustic communication: voices, music, sound effects and sound design. This combination is crucial for the video to come across authentically to the audience. The fusion of the areas emphasizes the mood of the plot and arouses emotions. The right "mix" helps to be better remembered and create a unique magic with the brand and the product.